Types of Delivery Formats

Researchers have investigated and developed many mRNA vaccine delivery methods to make the mRNA vaccines a viable clinical option and maximize their therapeutic impact. As a dedicated service provider in the field of mRNA-based drug R&D, Creative Biogene has developed a vector platform to design and improve mRNA delivery. We provide delivery carriers, including lipid-derived and polymer-derived materials, such as lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), polymeric nanoparticles(PNPs), and liposomes. Besides, mRNA can also be loaded with dendritic cells (DCs) ex vivo and then transferred to the hosts. Additionally, mRNA vaccine can be delivered as a naked mRNA format. We can offer high-quality and cost-effective naked mRNA vaccines, dendritic cell mRNA vaccines, and co-delivering mRNA vaccines to customers worldwide.

According to mRNA vaccine delivery formats

Naked mRNA vaccines

The molecule of RNA

Naked mRNA vaccines are an mRNA vaccine format, of which the mRNAs are delivered without any additional carriers. Naked mRNA vaccines offer the advantage of inducing immune responses by directly delivering antigen to antigen-presenting cells (APCs), replacing the need for dendritic cell (DC) migration. We offer naked mRNA vaccines, covering the design and production of naked mRNA vaccines, detailed characterizations of naked mRNA vaccines as well as selection and preparation of buffer solution.

Dendritic cell mRNA vaccines

3D illustration of dendritic cell

Dendritic cell mRNA vaccines are based on the dendritic cells (DCs), the most efficient antigen-presenting cells (APCs) capable of presenting antigens of presenting antigens processed from various sources to other types of immune cells, to induce novel or enhance existing immune responses. This type of mRNA vaccine has shown efficacy in many preclinical and clinical studies.

Co-delivery of mRNA vaccines

mRNA vaccines

With the increasing development of mRNA vaccines, the co-delivery of multiple mRNAs is a development trend as well as a promising strategy that enables us to induce synergic effects in vaccination. We have put much effort into choosing delivery materials, the specific ratio of formulation components, and optimal administration routes, providing integrated and robust solutions for our worldwide customers.


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