mRNA Synthesis Services

mRNA synthesis

Certain factors such as the design of the sequence and the quality of synthesis significantly affect mRNA's performance. As a leading custom service provider in the field of mRNA-based drug discovery and development, we provide highly customized mRNA synthesis service when the projects require mRNAs of larger quantities, stable quality, and high purity. Creative Biogene offers custom mRNA synthesis services, accelerating your project to the next stage using our extensive experience in mRNA synthesis.

Customized mRNA synthesis service

We have an advanced platform for manufacturing high-quality mRNAs from milligrams to multi-grams in scales, and a few hundred nucleotides to more than 10 kilobases in length. Project quality, speed to complete the project, customers' project scalability, and budget limit are all within our consideration. Our technical staff will help design the specific mRNA for your application after receiving your DNA plasmid or gene sequence. With a wide range of experience in mRNA process development and manufacturing, we have the capability to maximize the development of the mRNA. Research-grade or GMP-grade mRNAs can be customized according to your research goal. Our high-quality mRNA supports a broad range of applications, including cancer and infectious disease immunotherapy, genetic reprogramming, and protein replacement therapy.

Schematic overview of synthesis of IVT mRNA.Steinle Schematic overview of synthesis of IVT mRNA.Steinle, H., et al. 2017)

We use the best quality DNA template and in vitro transcription enzymes to produce mRNAs and guarantee the consistent performance of each batch. Therefore, the consistent performance of each production has been guaranteed. The following services are available.

mRNA synthesis

  • RNase contamination test.
  • Design and construction of DNA template.
  • Plasmid cloning and purification.
  • Full DNA sequencing documentation.
  • PCR amplification of the cloned insert, purification.
  • RNA synthesis by in vitro transcription.
  • Purification and characterization.

Advantages of our mRNA synthesis services

  • High-quality products and service
  • Custom support to meet every customer's requirements
  • Lot-to-lot consistency
  • The manufacturing procedure of mRNA is fully traceable
  • Customized subpackage, packaging and labeling

With years of professional and abundant experience, Creative Biogene is dedicated to producing high-quality, scalable mRNA to meet a wide range of clients' requirements. Our mRNA services allow researchers to access high-quality mRNA and introduce modifications to produce transcripts which are optimal for customers’ applications. If you have any questions about our service, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are glad to serve you!


  1. Steinle, H., et al. (2017). "Concise review: application of in vitro transcribed messenger RNA for cellular engineering and reprogramming: progress and challenges." Stem Cells, 35(1), 68-79.
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