Anti-parasite mRNA Vaccine Development

With the great achievement made in mRNA technologies, the mRNA vaccine platform holds the potential as an effective anti-parasite vaccine platform. The platform can meet the requirements that allow fast and high-throughput development of novel candidate antigens with multivalent combinations, as well as elicit a strong and well-defined immune response. More importantly, mRNA vaccines have economic value. Their manufacturing process is inexpensive and scalable. Creative Biogene is your professional and reliable partner in the field of mRNA-based drug research and development. We are committed to providing inventive and comprehensive solutions for our global clients. Here, we strive to extend the potential of in vitro transcribed (IVT) mRNA as a novel generation of a preventive as well as therapeutic vaccine technology to combat parasitic infections.

mRNA vaccine platform - a well-suited anti-parasite vaccine platform

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To date, it is believed that a quarter of the world's population is affected by parasitic infections, such as soil-transmitted helminths and schistosomes. The severe burden of parasitic infections is either not recognized or underestimated because of their co-existence with hosts for decades, establishing chronic infections. The pathogenesis of parasitic infections is complex and various, presenting a difficulty for researchers to thoroughly understand. Therefore, traditional vaccine development against parasitic infections is limited. Moreover, parasitic infections often occur in tropical countries and mainly impact the poor in regions. The expense of traditional vaccine platforms might have little link to a traditional return on investment. The mRNA-based vaccine is a novel and attractive technology for developing vaccines against parasitic infections. Here, we list the major advantages of the mRNA vaccine platform over traditional vaccine platforms for parasitic infections.

  • Most crucially, simple, low-cost, and can be produced in large-scale.
  • Rapid development and testing processes for new vaccine candidate.
  • Allowing the development of multivalent vaccines- for instance, creating a vaccine targeting multiple helminths.
  • The capability to elicit strong immune responses, including cell and humoral immune response.
  • Safer and less complex than DNA and recombinant protein vaccines.

Anti-parasite mRNA vaccine development service in Creative Biogene

Based on years of extensive experience in mRNA technologies and advanced international platforms, we have built facilities for research-grade or GMP-grade large-scale synthesis of capped, polyadenylated mRNA. The mRNA manufacturing in Creative Biogene benefits from the DNA template and in vitro transcription enzymes under the best quality levels as well as in-house production under one roof. In addition, for providing high-quality mRNA and the best services, we also provide the core raw materials for capping, polyadenylation and sequence optimization to achieve quality monitoring from the sources.

With the constant development of mRNA-based technologies, we believe that mRNA vaccines will be effective against parasitic diseases in the status quo. And the mRNA vaccine platform will become ideal for the development of neglected parasitic disease vaccines. We are committed to developing mRNA vaccine against parasitic infections, from screening different targets, designing multiple antigens, mRNA vaccine manufacturing, as well as mRNA vaccine characterization. Creative Biogene can help our customers develop anti-parasite mRNA vaccines and accelerate the development process.

Creative Biogene strives to offer our customers the finest service in the most enthusiastic way. To improve research outcomes and the speed of success, please feel free to contact us or directly send us an inquiry.


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