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Focus on the Development of mRNA-Based Drugs

Creative Biogene proudly supports the development of mRNA-based drugs. We offer custom services according to your specific project needs, accelerating your project to the next level. The main service areas include mRNA manufacturing, mRNA optimization, mRNA delivery system, and mRNA vaccine development.

With years of professional and abundant experience in the field of mRNA, we continuously challenge ourselves and strive to offer the finest service. We have developed a series of systematic platforms and are capable of conducting independent research. Quality is the cornerstone of Creative Biogene’ success. Our highly trained staff will strictly implement quality control procedures to deliver results on time without compromising quality.

  • Years of professional and abundant experience working with mRNA.
  • Excellent team of scientists and advanced platforms.
  • Sustainable and innovative solutions.
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Offer for you

mRNA Design Service

Provide rapid and reliable mRNA design services to suit customers' desired applications.

mRNA Manufacturing Services

Produce high-quality, scalable mRNA to meet a wide range of clients’ requirements.

mRNA Analysis Services

Offer mRNA analysis services, including mRNA sequence analysis and stability analysis.

IVT mRNA Transfection Services

Offer several mRNA transfection strategies for customers' specific projects.

mRNA Delivery Services

Provide a series of delivery vehicles with greater payload capacity.

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