Cationic Nanoemulsions (CNEs)

We provide cationic nanoemulsions (CNEs), a hybrid in vitro mRNA (ITV mRNA) delivery system formulated with more than three components, to our global customers. This mRNA delivery system has been used to deliver self-amplifying mRNA vaccines against several viral and bacterial infections. CNEs' chemical components have been used in previous clinical trials with established clinical safety profiles. Creative Biogene is dedicated to providing mRNA delivery vectors. We continuously challenge ourselves to stay ahead and remain one of the leading mRNA delivery service providers worldwide. We specialize in the development and manufacture of mRNA delivery vectors, and our team has extensive experience working with customers working on a wide range of projects.

What is cationic nanoemulsion (CNE)

Schematic illustration and role of components of CNE in complex with RNA. Fig.1 Schematic illustration and role
of components of CNE in complex with RNA.
(Brito, L. A., et al, 2014)

Cationic nanoemulsions (CNEs) are comprised of nanoemulsions and cationic lipids. Nanoemulsion can be induced by ultrasound and microfluidics, utilizing hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfactants to stabilize the oil core in the aqueous phase and form particles. The preparation of CNE can be divided into three steps. The first step is to prepare an aqueous phase consisting of Tween-80 in citrate buffer at pH 6.5. Next, prepare an oil phase containing squalene, DOTAP and sorbitan trioleate. Finally, mix the two phases using a microfluidizer to get the final emulsion. The resulting emulsion is comprised of small spherical droplets ranging from 25 to 150 nm in diameter. Negatively charged RNAs are adsorbed to the outer shell of the delivery particles after added into the CNEs, and such surface interaction will protect RNAs from RNase degradation.

Service offering

As a nonviral delivery system, CNEs can be effectively used to deliver a large single-stranded, self-amplifying mRNA. Based on years of knowledge and experience and a team of excellent scientists, we can produce CNEs for mRNA delivery. More specifically, our services include

  • CNEs production
  • CNE particle size measurement
    - CNE Analysis using Dynamic light scattering and TEC
  • RNase protection assay

Benefits of our service

  • Enabling rapid and scalable CNEs manufacturing
  • Custom support from skillful scientists
  • Quality assurance under strict control
  • One-stop solution with the most competitive price

CNEs have demonstrated effective nonviral delivery of mRNA vaccines, especially self-amplifying mRNA vaccines. CNEs' chemical components have been used clinically, such as DOTAP, and immune responses were inducted in multiple animal species, including rhesus macaques. Creative Biogene offers custom solutions at a relatively low cost. We are committed to a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and world-class customer support. If you have any needs or queries about our service, please don't hesitate to contact us or directly send us an inquiry.


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