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Creative Biogene is a forward-looking research institute and a leading custom service provider in mRNA-based drug discovery and development. The identification and selection of therapeutic proteins, pathogens, or antigens are the first and essential step, playing a vital role in the success of the follow-up drug development. With our advanced platform and extensive experience. We provide the best target identification and selection services, including sample optimization and genome sequencing, according to customers' project needs.

Basic mRNA-based drug pharmacology

As an intermediary between the translation of protein-encoding DNA and the production of proteins by ribosomes in the cytoplasm, mRNA represents a novel class of drug modalities. The development and use of mRNAs are based on the transfer of a defined genetic message into the cells of patients for preventing or altering a particular disease state. The first report of the successful use of in vitro transcribed (IVT) mRNA in animals was published in 1990. Nowadays, the construction of translated IVT mRNA has been constantly optimized. Generally, IVT mRNA should optimally be comprised of an open reading frame that encodes the protein of interest, flanking untranslated regions (UTRs), a 5' cap and a 3' poly(A) tail, engineered to structurally resemble naturally occurring mature and processed mRNA molecules in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells.

Targets-Identification-and-SelectionFig.1 Principles of antigen-encoding mRNA pharmacology. (Sahin U, et al, 2014)

Service offering

Service offering

Creative Biogene provides a comprehensive and systematic workflow for the accurate identification and selection of mRNA-based drug targets. We have specialized laboratories and automated instruments for different types of sample processing. With mature technology platforms and strict operation standards, we can process the samples accurately and quickly. For specific requirements of different types of samples, we can provide consultations.

Combining the next-generation sequencing platform and bioinformatics, and optimal computational approach, we can analyze our clients' samples and determine the mutations that drive the disease or the genome of the pathogen and antigen(s) for mRNA-based drug discovery. The ability of our platform to identify and evaluate targets has proven reliable, accurate, and effective in several human tumor models.

Creative Biogene is a forward-looking research institute with advanced technology and extensive experience. We provide sustainable services at low cost with fast turnaround, high-quality data. Our services will guarantee to meet our clients' research needs. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more information. We look forward to collaborating with you.


  1. Sahin, U.,et al. (2014). "mRNA-based therapeutics—developing a new class of drugs". Nature reviews Drug discovery, 13(10), 759-780.
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