mRNA Delivery System Development

Creative Biogene is a leading service provider in mRNA-based drug research and development (R&D). Our scientists have years of extensive experience in developing mRNA delivery systems. We are dedicated to offering a series of optimal mRNA delivery vehicles according to our clients' specific applications, including lipid-based delivery systems, polymer-based delivery systems, polypeptide-based delivery systems, and hybrid delivery system. Our services include customized design, flexible production, and careful optimization of mRNA delivery system, aiming to help customers achieve scaling-up and clinical utility of delivery systems.

Necessity and importance of developing delivery systems

With several superior advantages, the IVT mRNA-based technology is used as a promising tool for the development of novel therapeutic. The application of IVT mRNA-based technology spans from vaccination and protein replacement therapy to gene editing. However, the mRNA-based therapy has faced multifarious obstacles, including the mRNA' large size, intrinsic instability, cell targeting, as well as high susceptibility to enzymatic degradation. Therefore, naked mRNA uptake is low, as well as potency. In order to address the challenges of mRNA-based therapy, delivery systems are urgently needed for efficient mRNA delivery. At present, a series of delivery systems have been developed. Among them, lipid-based systems are the commonly used biomaterials for IVT mRNA delivery. Polymers-based systems for delivering mRNA offer great promise in terms of a good safety profile, flexible modification, and low cost. And continuous work is still necessary for further improvement of delivery systems, which can offer high transfection efficiency, biocompatibility with minimal toxicity and high specificity, facilitating the wider application of mRNA-based therapy.

To develop delivery systems that show a promising IVT-mRNA delivery profile, there are several key criteria that should be obeyed, including,

  • Reduce nonspecific uptake
  • Enhance tissue permeation
  • Targeted intracellular delivery
  • Controlled release kinetics

Commonly engineered nanoparticle surface properties that allow for enhanced delivery . (Mitchell, M. J., et al., 2020).Commonly engineered nanoparticle surface properties that allow for enhanced delivery . (Mitchell, M. J., et al., 2020).

The development of mRNA delivery system in Creative Biogene

A proper carrier for mRNA-based therapy not only protects mRNA to the target cells, but also ensure the efficient intracellular translation of mRNA, at the same time, preventing the activation of the immune response. Based on our knowledge in material sciences, nanotechnology, and in nucleic acid chemistry, we are currently developing new mRNA delivery systems specifically adapted to our customers' project features and purpose.

The specific services, including,

Lipid-based mRNA delivery system

The lipid-based delivery system is the most widely used non-viral carrier for IVT mRNA delivery to date. A series of lipids and lipidoids (lipid- like delivery molecules) have been investigated and designed for IVT mRNA delivery, which are mainly inspired by siRNA and plasmid DNA delivery. Based on deep and broad expertise in the targeted delivery of mRNA, we use combinatorial methods to specifically identify novel compounds and optimize formulations for mRNA delivery vectors.

Polymer-based mRNA delivery system

Polymers and their derivatives are another commonly used family for mRNA delivery carrier, following lipidic materials. Polymers-based systems for delivering mRNA offer great promise in terms of a good safety profile, flexible modification, and low cost. We are capable of design and evaluating plenty of polymers for mRNA delivery, and investigating the effects of synthetic parameters of polymers on mRNA delivery performance.

Peptide-based mRNA delivery system

Recently, peptide-based and polypeptide-based delivery systems have attracted more and more attention for mRNA delivery, thanks to their unique advantages, such as biocompatibility, biodegradability as well as bioactivity. Therefore, we also provide custom polypeptide-based mRNA carrier design, synthesis and production service for customers from all over the world.

Hybrid mRNA delivery system

Since single functional delivery systems can't meet the increasing needs of application, the development of hybrid delivery carriers that possess multi-functionality and flexibility is an inevitable trend. The lipid-polymer hybrid systems, lipid-peptide hybrid systems and other multi-component hybrid systems can be offered in our platform based on experienced experts and state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more information. We will respond rapidly to your inquiry.


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