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The use of mRNA could indeed be a promising new strategy for gene therapy. To achieve mRNA-based therapy, an efficient IVT mRNA delivery vector or method is required to deliver synthetic mRNA into the cytoplasm of the target cells and efficiently release it to produce the desired protein. To date, there are many techniques developed to deliver this unstable molecule. In addition to various chemical modifications of the mRNA molecule itself (providing the basics for mRNA-mediated gene transfer), a wide range of delivery methods are investigated, including biological (such as virus-mediated method), chemical, and physical methods. Chemical-mediated delivery methods, including lipid materials and positively charged polymers, allow intracellular delivery of mRNA. Physical delivery methods used to improve the efficiency of mRNA for in vivo as well as in vitro transfection, include electroporation, gene guns, microinjection, and so on. With years of efforts continuously developing new technologies, Creative Biogene is committed to meeting the growing demand for new mRNA delivery agents. We are now offering global customers a series of mRNA delivery services, including mRNA delivery system development, mRNA delivery system testing, administration route screening, and IVT mRNA transfection services (multiple physical methods). We guarantee to offer our customers the best collaborative experience and affordable high-quality products. Our service is flexible, scalable, and can be adjusted accordingly to efficiently deliver mRNA to specific target cell types and tissues.

Service offering in Creative Biogene

mRNA delivery system development

With years of extensive experience in developing mRNA delivery systems, we are offering customized design, flexible production, and careful optimization of mRNA delivery systems. Based on our knowledge in material sciences, nanotechnology, and nucleic acid chemistry, we are currently developing new mRNA delivery systems specifically adapted to our customers' project features and purpose, including lipid-based delivery systems, polymer-based delivery systems, polypeptide-based delivery systems, and hybrid delivery system.

mRNA delivery vector

An ideal delivery vehicle is required to cross the specific cell membrane in order to reach the cytoplasm, protecting the mRNA from nuclease degradation as well as minimizing its specific innate immune stimulation. To maximize the therapeutic impact of the novel generation medicines, Creative Biogene has launched a vector platform for design and improving mRNA delivery. Our platform offers a series of delivery vehicles with greater payload capacity. With a focus on high encapsulation efficiency, scalability of production and low maintenance cost, our leading technologies are at the forefront of the mRNA-based drug research and development field.

mRNA delivery system testing

In addition to the development of mRNA delivery systems, we also strive to offer a series of mRNA delivery system testing services. For mRNA delivery system testing, we focused on the identification and testing of nanoparticles, including the physical characterization, intracellular uptake measurement, pharmacokinetics, biodistribution, and immunogenicity testing. In particular, our services can be tailored to suit particular needs at every stage of our customers' projects.

Exosomes for mRNA delivery

In recent, exosomes secreted by a variety of cell types have emerged as promising carriers for mRNA-based therapeutics. These vesicles are biocompatible, commonly measure 40~150 nm in diameter. Remarkably, their intrinsic expression of transmembrane and membrane-anchored proteins facilitates tissue-directed delivery as well as the cellular uptake of encapsulated exosomal contents. To promote the application of exosomes as carriers for therapeutically related mRNA delivery, Creative Biogene are committed to offering a series of exosome-related services, including exosome isolation, identification, labeling, manufacturing, and production of mRNA-encapsulating exosomes.

Liposome-based mRNA delivery

Liposomes are cost efficient and highly suitable for non-toxic in vitro and in vivo delivery of mRNA. After years of practice and exploration, we have accumulated rich experience in production of liposome that has been validated by the amount of experimental cases. To better serve our global customers, we also provide liposomes for mRNA delivery.

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