Naked mRNA Vaccines

Naked mRNA vaccines are an mRNA vaccine format, of which the mRNAs are delivered without any additional carriers. Since the naked mRNA is susceptible to degradation by RNases in the bloodstream, the naked mRNA vaccine depends on specific and unconventional delivery routes, such as intranasal and intratracheal routes. Naked mRNA vaccines offer the advantage of inducing immune responses by directly delivering antigen to antigen-presenting cells (APCs), replacing the need for dendritic cell (DC) migration. Creative Biogene is committed to providing high-quality mRNA-based drug R&D service and professional technical support to global customers. We have developed dedicated mRNA manufacturing and mRNA optimization platforms to produce naked mRNA vaccines with flexible and integrated solutions.

Naked mRNA vaccines

3D illustration of dendritic cell.

In vivo naked mRNA delivery has been demonstrated feasible, although crossing the cell membrane can be an obstacle. Previous studies have shown that intranodal administration of naked mRNA is an efficient means of vaccine delivery. The naked mRNA can be selectively taken up by DCs and elicit potent anti-tumor T cell responses. It is proposed that naked mRNA is internalized via micropinocytosis, a highly active pathway in macrophages and immature DCs (both are professional APCs). Moreover, there are other speculations of naked mRNA's cellular uptake, such as through mechanical forces.

There are two prominent features of the naked mRNA vaccines

  • The storage and preparation of naked mRNA vaccines are relatively easy.
    - For vaccine storage, freeze-dried naked RNA with storage reagents can be maintained up to 10 months at 4 ℃.
    - For administration preparation, the preparation is simple and easy due to the naked mRNA vaccine only needs to be dissolved into a buffer.
  • The naked mRNA vaccines have their intrinsic immunogenicity.

Service offering

We follow the important scientific advances in mRNA vaccine R&D. With years of professional knowledge and experience in this field, we have developed mRNA manufacturing and optimization platforms to provide multiple forms of mRNA vaccines, including naked mRNA vaccines. More specifically, our services cover

  • Design and production of naked mRNA vaccines
  • Detailed characterizations of naked mRNA vaccines
  • Selection and preparation of buffer solution
  • Exploration of the optimal administration routes

Creative Biogene is passionate about strong customer orientation and high-quality service. We have established a series of efficient integrated solutions to facilitate and accelerate our customers' mRNA vaccine development. If you have any demands for naked mRNA vaccine R&D, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


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