The Development of mRNA Vaccine Against HIV

HIV vaccine

Since the first discovery of HIV in 1981, four decades have passed. To date, there is still a lack of affordable and effective therapies for HIV due to the limited understanding of HIV, the rapid mutability of viral immunogens and other factors. Therefore, more attention has shifted toward the development of novel therapy. With the progress in mRNA technologies, mRNA vaccines have been widely investigated for use against various viral pathogens in preclinical studies and show promising preliminary results. Creative Biogene is proud to be among the leading teams of mRNA-based drug R&D. Based on advanced platforms and a team of excellent scientists, we continuously challenge ourselves and provide inventive and integrated services. Here, we offer mRNA vaccine development service against HIV infection, hoping to pave the way for therapeutic HIV vaccine strategies.

mRNA vaccine against HIV

Aids awareness

AIDS is a chronic and life-threatening condition, caused by the infection of HIV. Nowadays, control of the AIDS epidemic is one of the leading global health priorities. For efficient control of AIDS, HIV vaccination is a superior strategy, which has undergone periods of significant growth. Among them, the mRNA-based vaccine strategy has shown a particular promise. This emerging vaccine platform shows enormous flexibility and room for optimization, owning to the better safety profile, ample possibilities of design mRNA backbone, various delivery systems, as well as easy manufacturing. At present, there are several reports of mRNA-based technologies for the treatment of HIV. One study is based on mRNA-expressed antibody engineering and has demonstrated nucleoside-modified, LNP-encapsulated mRNA encoding the broadly neutralizing antibody to protect humanized mice against HIV infection. The same team also showed the feasibility of antibody-based protective vaccines against HIV. LNP-encapsulated mRNA vaccines had the ability to elicit high levels of antibodies in rabbits and non-human primates and efficiently activate T follicular helper (Tfh) cells, which can lead to neutralizing antibody responses. Besides, the self-amplifying mRNA vaccine shows the promise against HIV. A study based on self-amplifying mRNA vaccine and highly conserved regions of the HIV-1 proteome, has demonstrated a relatively strong immune response against HIV.

mRNA vaccine development service against HIV in Creative Biogene

Modular and flexible mRNA vaccine development platform

We have a dedicated platform for manufacturing high-quality mRNAs from milligrams to multi-grams in scales, and a few hundred nucleotides to more than 10 kilobases in length. Based on a wide range of experience in mRNA process development and manufacturing, we have the capability to maximize the development of the mRNA. We offer comprehensive optimization services, including generating 5' cap structures, the addition of long 3' poly(A)-tail, and optimizing coding sequence and UTRs. In addition, to provide efficient carriers for the development of mRNA vaccine against HIV, we also provide services to design and produce LNPs for mRNA delivery and screen the route of delivery in vivo.

Self-amplify mRNA vaccines against HIV

To provide suitable mRNA vaccines against HIV, we can design and produce self-amplifying mRNA based on the highly conserved regions of the HIV-1 proteome. We believe that the development of self-amplifying mRNA will play an important role in mRNA vaccines against HIV soon. Derived from the genome of certain viruses, such alphaviruses, the self-replicating mRNA can express the viral polymerase and initiate RNA amplification. And the amplification leads to high levels of the antigen of interest, inducing a robust immune response. Therefore, self-amplifying mRNA vaccines have several advantages, including high immune potency, low effective immunization dosage, as well as allowing the development of single- or multi-antigen vaccines.

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