mRNA-Based Immunotherapy

The progress of IVT mRNA technology has broadened the therapeutic applications of mRNA-based drugs in preclinical and clinical studies. At present, IVT mRNA has been explored in four major therapeutic areas, including the main application of immunotherapy, the most obvious application of protein replacement, regenerative medicine, as well as gene editing. As the longest history area of mRNA-based technology exploration, mRNA-immunotherapy has been evaluated in numerous preclinical studies and clinical trials, involving infectious diseases, multiple types of cancer and diabetes. Creative Biogene is a leading service provider in the area of mRNA-based drug R&D. We are glad to present mRNA-immunotherapy applications here.

mRNA-immunotherapy applications

Cancer immunotherapy


Cancer immunotherapy has long been explored as an mRNA-based technology. As early as 1995, the induction of anti-tumor adaptive immune responses by injection of naked mRNA was demonstrated. Cancer immunotherapy is based on the induction of a host anti-tumor immune response to recognize and kill tumor cells. mRNA cancer vaccines are a promising alternative approach and present important advantages over conventional cancer therapy. Thus far, there are mainly two strategies of mRNA-based immunotherapy in various cancers, including the ex vivo and in vivo strategies. The ex vivo approach is mainly based on the modified dendritic cells (DCs) or chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells, ensuring precise control and transfection efficiency. However, the treatment protocol is expensive and laborious. And the in vivo strategy relies on the direct administration of naked mRNA or mRNA transported with nanosystems. 

mRNA vaccines against infectious diseases


mRNA vaccines are emerging as a potential treatment protocol against infectious diseases. At present, there are two kinds of mRNA-based vaccines against infectious diseases, including self-amplify mRNA (SAM) and non-replicating mRNA vaccines. SAM vaccines are based on the engineered RNA genome of positive-stranded RNA viruses, with the ability to amplify intracellular mRNAs directly. This kind of mRNA vaccine is characterized by more safety, higher immune potency, and low effective immunization dosage. The SAM vaccines have been clinical evaluated for cytomegalovirus (CMV), influenza and HIV-1 infectious diseases.

Non-replicating mRNA vaccines, also known as conventional mRNA vaccines, are designed to resemble fully processed mature mRNA, containing an ORF for encoding the antigen of interest. At present, depending on the lipid nanosystems, the most used delivery system, non-replicating mRNA has been conducted in clinical trials for numerous types of infectious diseases, such as rabies, human metapneumovirus, Zika virus, human parainfluenza and influenza viruses.

Creative Biogene is a leading provider in the service of mRNA-based drug R&D. We are committed to providing our global customers an integrated service for selection, design, synthesis and optimization of mRNA molecule of the target. Besides, we have developed a promising platform for mRNA vaccines, including manufacturing of conventional mRNA vaccines and self-amplify mRNA vaccines. According to the types of delivery formats, we also provide the naked mRNA vaccines, dendritic cell mRNA vaccines, and co-delivery of mRNA vaccines. Our mRNA vaccines manufacturing is flexible, scalable and customer-oriented, which can meet the safe, efficient and highly immunogenic vaccine needs. 

Our services for mRNA vaccine development

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