Exosome Identification and Analysis Services

Exosome Identification and Analysis Services

As a novel biotherapeutic strategy, the exosome-based mRNA delivery systems have made new progress and applied to treat various diseases, including breast cancers, leukemia, and Parkinson's disease. The accurate and repeatable identification and analysis of exosomes is a crucial step and benefits the downstream applications. Based on the latest technology platform, Creative Biogene is able to provide rapid, reliable identification and analysis of exosomes to promote the application of them as carriers for mRNA delivery. Our services include a full range of exosome testing, ranging from conventional exosome characterization to exosomal component analysis, and exosomal cargo isolation and analysis.

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Exosome characterization

In general, there are three major levels for exosome characterization, including the size and particle-size distribution of exosomes, the morphology of exosomes, and the surface markers of exosomes. Based on professional knowledge and advanced equipment, our scientists have developed an exosome identification platform. There are several technologies that we applied for exosome characterization, including nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), western blotting (WB), mass spectrometry (MS).

  • Analyze the size/ particle-size distribution of exosomes

We offer high-end NTA-based exosome characterization. NTA is a highly sensitive method for the characterization of exosomes with simpler sample processing and faster detection speed compared to other methods. The method directly visualizes the light that is scattered from exosomes in liquid suspension, providing the data that facilitate the determination of total particle count and size distribution.

  • Analyze the size/morphology of exosomes

Electron microscope technologies are characterized by high resolution, and can directly observe the morphology of exosomes in the sample. We offer transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and atomic force microscope (AFM) for clients to choose from.

  • Detect the surface markers of exosomes

WB has been utilized to detect the presence of a specific single protein on the exosomal surface. Besides, flow cytometry is a relatively fast, high-throughput screening technology, and can identify exosomes based on the antibodies corresponding to specific markers on the surface of exosomes.

  • Other characterization parameters include zeta-potential, integrity, purity of exosomes.

Exosomal component analysis

To make better use of exosomes as drug delivery vehicles, the crucial step is to analyze the components of exosomes. Based on thin-layer chromatography (TLC), high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), NMR spectroscopy, and high-resolution mass spectrometry (MS), we also offer exosome lipidomics and proteomics analysis services with high-quality data on exosome components.

Exosomal cargo isolation and analysis

  • RNA & protein isolation

Fast and efficient isolation of exosomal RNA and protein can be achieved by our specific kit. Our services are suitable to various exosomes and are compatible with most exosome isolation protocols.

  • Exosomal RNA analysis

The efficiency of encapsulation and purification of mRNA in exosomes are important information. To detect the RNA profile of exosomes, we provide a complete exosome workflow solution using qRT-PCR and novel sequencing techniques. Particularly, obtaining high-quality RNA from exosomes remains a challenge. Our exosomal RNA sequencing service can offer quality NGS data with low sample requirements.

Exosomal RNA analysis

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With professional knowledge and advanced equipment, Creative Biogene is committed to providing high-quality exosome identification and analysis services to customers from all over the world. For any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us. We will reply to your message shortly.

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