Genome Editing mRNA

Genome Editing mRNA

Genome editing is one of the most exciting new areas in therapeutic development, and genome engineering has recently emerged as a potentially powerful therapeutic tool for diseases of genetic etiology. For single-gene diseases, the mutated locus can be directly targeted for repair by genome editing. CRISPR Nuclease mRNA is a ready-to-use transfected wild-type Cas9 mRNA suitable for CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing. When co-transfected with a guide RNA (gRNA) targeting a selected genomic locus, the Cas9 protein cleaves the gene at the corresponding locus under the guidance of the gRNA. The CRISPR nuclease mRNA system allows multiplex genome editing, enabling simultaneous editing of multiple target gene sequences in a single transfection reaction by adding multiple gRNAs. In addition, CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing using Cas9 mRNA has been used in conjunction with microinjection and other in vivo-mediated delivery methods to generate models of transgenic systems in a variety of organisms, including mice, zebrafish, and Drosophila.

Creative Biogene offers multiple genome editing options including Cas9 mRNA, Cas9 Nickase and Cre recombinase. Using our CRISPR nuclease mRNAs, you can simultaneously transfect up to 4 different gRNAs in a single well and assess the cleavage efficiency of multiple genes simultaneously. You can use this method to determine the gRNA sequence best suited for editing a specific target, or to edit multiple genomic loci with a single transfection. Our Cas9 nuclease mRNA expresses a human codon-optimized version of the S. pyogenes Cas9 nuclease gene with two nuclear localization signals (NLS). Cas9 nuclease complexes with guide RNA for genomic DNA target recognition and cleavage, enabling you to perform genome engineering experiments in a completely DNA-free manner.

Genome Editing mRNA

Cat# Product Name Concentration/Size Inquiry
MRM-068 Cas9 mRNA 100 µg Inquiry
MRM-069 Cas9 mRNA 1 mg Inquiry
MRM-070 Cas9 mRNA 5mg Inquiry
MRM-071 Cre mRNA (5moU) 100 µg Inquiry
MRM-072 Cre mRNA (5moU) 1 mg Inquiry
MRM-073 Cre mRNA (5moU) 5mg Inquiry
MRM-074 Cas9 Nickase mRNA (5moU) 100 µg Inquiry
MRM-075 Cas9 Nickase mRNA (5moU) 1 mg Inquiry
MRM-076 Cas9 Nickase mRNA (5moU) 5mg Inquiry
MRM-077 Cas9 mRNA (5moU) 100 µg Inquiry
MRM-078 Cas9 mRNA (5moU) 1 mg Inquiry
MRM-079 Cas9 mRNA (5moU) 5mg Inquiry
For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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