Influenza mRNA Vaccine Development

Since the rapid emergence and continuous evolution of influenza strains, a new vaccine platform is urgently needed to provide vaccines with long-term protective immunity and has the capability to timely and effectively respond to the threats. mRNA vaccines can cope with Influenza due to their precise antigen design, rapid and flexible manufacturing, and low-cost maintenance. Relying on advanced mRNA technologies and modular platforms, Creative Biogene not only provides COVID-19 mRNA vaccine development, but also offers influenza mRNA vaccines development service. Professionalism, high-quality and excellent service are keywords in our relationship with our global customers.

Introduction of mRNA vaccines against influenza

The route of transmission of influenza virus.

As one of the respiratory pathogens, influenza viruses can cause substantial morbidity and mortality, and thus have received public health concern worldwide. At present, since influenza viruses have the characteristic of continuous evolution, the available influenza virus vaccines have limited effectiveness and need to be reformulated annually according to the different influenza strains. Therefore, to reduce influenza virus prevalence, a novel vaccine platform is urgently needed. In vitro-transcribed (IVT) mRNA vaccines have shown promise against influenza as universal influenza virus vaccines with the capability to elicit long-lasting and broad protection. For example, the synthetic mRNA can be designed to target more conserved viral regions, such as the stalk domain of hemagglutinin (HA, a major surface glycoprotein of influenza virus) instead of the head domain. Previous studies have demonstrated that mRNA vaccines enable potent antibody responses targeted the conserved HA stalk domain, having broad protection in small animals, involving homologous, heterologous, and heterosubtypic influenza viruses. There are currently two major types of mRNA vaccines developed for influenza viruses, including nonreplicating mRNA vaccines as well as self-amplified mRNA (SAM) vaccines.

Influenza mRNA vaccine development in Creative Biogene

Our influenza mRNA vaccine platform is based on the multiple conserved epitopes of influenza viruses, aiming to make up for the shortage of traditional vaccines and provide broad and durable protective vaccines. Influenza viruses are members of Orthomyxoviridae. The viral genome is negative-sense, single-stranded, and segmental RNA. To elicit broadly protective and long-lasting immune responses (including humoral and cellular responses), extensive efforts have been made to identify conserved regions of influenza viruses, such as HA stalk, the influenza virus surface glycoprotein neuraminidase (NA), matrix-2 (M2) ion channel protein as well as nucleoprotein (NP). With the advanced mRNA technologies, including mRNA optimization, mRNA purification and a potent delivery system, we are confident to support the development of universal influenza virus mRNA vaccines that can induce cross-reactive and long-lasting immune responses.

Influenza vaccine.

Our Advantages

  • Precise and flexible antigen design
  • Rapid and high-volume manufacturing of influenza vaccine
  • Low-cost production and maintenance
  • One-stop solution

Based on our in-depth knowledge of influenza viruses, Creative Biogene is committed to providing corresponding strategies tailored to the research goals of our worldwide clients. We continuously challenge ourselves and strive to offer the finest service. If you are interested in our service, please feel free to contact us or directly send us an inquiry.


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