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mRNA-Based Drug R&D Service

Creative Biogene is a leading service provider in mRNA technologies, providing solutions to worldwide customers in mRNA-based drug research and development. Based on years of extensive experience in mRNA technologies and advanced technology platforms, we offer the best customized and innovative services to develop mRNA-based drugs. Professionalism, excellence, and high-quality service are at the center of our relationship with our global customers.

WELCOME To Creative Biogene

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mRNA Design Service

Provide rapid and reliable mRNA design services to suit customers' desired applications.

mRNA Manufacturing Services

mRNA Manufacturing Services

Produce high-quality, scalable mRNA to meet a wide range of clients’ requirements.

mRNA Analysis Services

mRNA Analysis Services

Offer mRNA analysis services, including mRNA sequence analysis and stability analysis.

IVT mRNA Transfection Services

IVT mRNA Transfection Services

Offer several mRNA transfection strategies for customers' specific projects.

mRNA Delivery Services

mRNA Delivery Services

Provide a series of delivery vehicles with greater payload capacity.

mRNA Technical Service Platform

Given the advantages over DNA and recent progress in mRNA research, we offer the best customized and innovative services to develop mRNA-based drugs.

Working with Creative Biogene A trusted partner Creative Biogene proudly supports the development of mRNA-based drugs. We
offer custom services according to your specific project needs, accelerating your
project to the next level.
Our feature services

Personalized mRNA Cancer Vaccines

Personalized cancer mRNA vaccines are an emerging treatment option.

mRNA-Based Cellular Engineering and Reprogramming

Years of experience in mRNA-based cellular engineering and reprogramming.

Developing mRNA Vaccines Against Infectious Diseases

The advent of mRNA-based drug technologies poses the promising in infectious disease prophylaxis.
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