mRNA Pharmacology Optimization Services

mRNA Pharmacology Optimization Services

Since the clinical potential of mRNA-based drugs began to be unveiled, the mRNA-based therapy has attracted much attention. To date, the therapeutic programs are being implemented all over the world for vaccination against infections and cancer as well as gene therapy. IVT mRNA is designed to structurally resemble naturally occurring mature and processed mRNA in the cytoplasm, translating the message to the desired corresponding protein, the pharmacologically active product. However, this technology suffers from inherent challenges. A key feature of mRNA is its transient nature and intrinsic instability, and mRNA can be degraded within minutes or hours. Therefore, substantial efforts have been invested in addressing the inherent challenges of this drug class, especially related to controlling the translational efficacy and stability of mRNAs as well as modulating its immunogenicity.

As a leading customized service provider in the field of mRNA-based drugs discovery and development. Creative Biogene is providing a series of mRNA optimization services, involving the 5' cap, the poly(A) tail, 5' and 3' UTRs, and the coding region modification. Besides, appropriate purification of IVT mRNA can reduce immune activation and increase translation. We also provide multiple methods for large-scale purification and isolation of IVT mRNA. We are committed to systematically improving the intracellular stability, translational efficiency of IVT mRNAs and modulating its immunogenicity, aiming to provide the basis for a broad spectrum of potential applications.

mRNA stability and translation optimization in Creative Biogene

With years of experience, we offer a series of technologies used to improve the stability and translation of mRNA. Based on our advanced technology platform and a team of excellent experts, we are committed to providing the best service for mRNA optimization. Our services are mainly divided into three categories.

Backbone optimization

  • Modification of the 5' cap. The cap structure plays an indispensable role in mRNA degradation from exonucleases as well as mRNA translation.
  • Elongation of the poly(A) tail. The poly(A) tail serves as an essential element for mRNA translation and the enzymatic stability of mRNA.
  • Regulation of elements in the 5'- UTR and the 3'-UTR. The UTRs play a significant role in gene expression regulation during in vitro post-transcription, referring to mRNA export, mRNA translation efficiency, and mRNA stability.
  • Engineering of the sequence patterns in the ORF.

Separation and/or purification techniques

  • High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).
  • Fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC).
  • Magnetic beads technology.

mRNA intracellular delivery system

For in vivo strategies

  • Lipids-based delivery system.
  • Polymers-based delivery system.
  • Hybrid system.

For in vitro strategies (the improved injection strategies)

  • Electroporation of mRNA.
  • Gene gun-based administration.

mRNA immunogenicity modulation in Creative Biogene

With deep acknowledge of RNA sensors as well as structural elements within mRNA, our experienced scientists are committed to shaping the immunostimulatory profile of IVT mRNA according to the specific project needs. The services we offered to regulate mRNA immunogenicity activity include purification techniques and the introduction of modified nucleosides, but not limited to them.

Reduction of mRNA immunogenicity activity

  • mRNA sequence optimization.
  • The incorporation of modified nucleosides.
  • Appropriate purification of IVT mRNA.

Increasing the immunogenicity properties of mRNA

  • Co-delivery with traditional adjuvant molecules.
  • Taking advantage of the intrinsic immunogenicity of mRNA.

Creative Biogene' goals are to provide stable and highly translatable mRNA molecules for a variety of applications of customers worldwide. If you would like more information about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are glad to cooperate with you!

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