Vaccine/Antigen mRNA

Vaccine/Antigen mRNA

Nucleic acid therapy has emerged as a promising alternative to traditional vaccine approaches. Over the past decade, significant technological innovations and research investments have made mRNA a promising therapeutic tool in the fields of vaccine development and protein replacement therapy. Compared to subunits, inactivated and attenuated live viruses, and DNA-based vaccines, the use of mRNA has several beneficial features, with high potency, the ability to develop rapidly, and the potential for low-cost manufacturing and safe administration.

The mRNA from the vaccine does not enter the nucleus and does not change the DNA. mRNA vaccines work by introducing a stretch of mRNA that corresponds to a viral protein, usually a small stretch of protein found on the outer membrane of the virus. As part of a normal immune response, the immune system recognizes this protein as foreign and produces special proteins called antibodies. Antibodies help protect the body from infection by recognizing individual viruses or other pathogens, attaching to them, and marking pathogens for destruction. Once antibodies are produced, they stay in the body even after the body has cleared the pathogen, so the immune system can respond quickly if exposed again.

Creative Biogene is an mRNA manufacturing and contract research company. We provide high-quality, customized and classified mRNA, with expertise in mRNA design and optimization, helping academic and industry scientists develop mRNA-based therapeutics and vaccines. Our expert scientists work with customers to help develop world-class mRNAs for therapeutic, vaccine, diagnostic and agricultural applications. Please browse our products to find what you're looking for.


Cat# Product Name Concentration/Size Inquiry
MRM-080 Modified OVA mRNA 20µg Inquiry
MRM-081 Modified OVA mRNA 100µg Inquiry
MRM-082 Modified OVA mRNA 1mg Inquiry
MRM-083 Unmodified OVA mRNA 20µg Inquiry
MRM-084 Unmodified OVA mRNA 100µg Inquiry
MRM-085 Unmodified OVA mRNA 1mg Inquiry

Spike Omicron mRNA

Cat# Product Name Concentration/Size Inquiry
MRM-092 Modified Spike Omicron mRNA 20µg Inquiry
MRM-093 Modified Spike Omicron mRNA 100µg Inquiry
MRM-094 Modified Spike Omicron mRNA 1mg Inquiry
MRM-095 Unmodified Spike Omicron mRNA 20µg Inquiry
MRM-096 Unmodified Spike Omicron mRNA 100µg Inquiry
MRM-097 Unmodified Spike Omicron mRNA 1mg Inquiry

Spike SARS-CoV-2 mRNA

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.
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