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mRNA design

In vitro transcribed (IVT) mRNAs have recently shown great potential as a new drug class to deliver genetic information. Synthetically modified mRNAs provide the basics for a broad range of potential applications, including infectious disease vaccines for current and future pandemics, cancer immunotherapies, and the manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies. With years of experience working with mRNAs, Creative Biogene is now providing rapid and reliable mRNA design services to suit our customers' desired applications.

mRNA design – a critical step for successful development

Large quantities of mRNA can be yielded by in vitro transcription from DNA templates using phage RNA polymerase. However, the IVT mRNA is unstable and vulnerable to nuclease degradation, limiting the applications of mRNA for transfection and therapeutic. Thanks to transcript engineering, the stability and immunogenicity of mRNA can be changed. In general, synthetic mRNA for therapy is designed following the blueprint of eukaryotic mRNA. And the eukaryotic mRNA is made of five components, including 5' cap, 5' untranslated region (UTR), open reading frame (ORF), 3' UTR, and 3' poly adenosine (poly(A)) tail. The structure of 5' cap and poly(A) tail are essential elements, playing important roles in enhancing mRNA stability and translation efficiency. The ORF provides genetic information for the translational process. The UTR sequences have a variety of regulatory functions and influence the degree of stability of the mRNA transcript. In addition, the use of modified nucleosides can reduce immunogenicity. Thus, improved mRNA design is likely to yield better mRNA for downstream applications.

mRNA design Fig.1 Schematic structure of messenger RNA

Creative Biogene' mRNA design services

The mRNA's structural elements impact its performance, including stability, translation efficiency and potential immunogenicity of the molecule. We leverage our extensive experience to conduct combinatorial design and adapt its composition to suit the desired application. With the best algorithm for mRNA structure prediction and the robust design software, our team of experts can design an optimized mRNA sequence according to the customer's target protein. We have the capacity to design mRNA that codes for desired proteins at a very low cost within days.

We also have the one-stop custom solution, from selecting target protein or designing novel proteins to mRNA design and manufacturing. To provide high-quality mRNA, we can supply core raw materials for capping, tailing, and sequence optimization to achieve quality monitoring from the sources.

Our Advantages

  • Excellent team of experts with extensive experience in mRNA design
  • Robust design software and optimal bioinformatics algorithms
  • One-stop solutions
  • Most competitive prices

Creative Biogene is a leading service provider that focuses on mRNA-based drug research and development. We have concentrated on mRNA-based drug research and development realm for several years and successfully contributed a range of services. If you have need in mRNA design and related fields, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are glad to serve you!

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