mRNA Vaccine Development Services

mRNA vaccines are a novel modality of vaccination and provide a promising platform with the potential to be potent, versatile, scalable, safe as well as inexpensive. Since the first pre-clinical report in the 1990s, mRNA-based drugs have gradually received more attention as a new type of medicine. Especially in the past two decades, major technological advancements with respect to mRNA chemistry, stability, and delivery systems, have accelerated the development of mRNA vaccines. As a dedicated provider of mRNA-based drug research and development services, Creative Biogene offers integrated and custom services. Based on the years of experience in the field of mRNA vaccine and advanced technology platform, we can promote the production and efficiency of mRNA vaccines early in the development process, providing safe and effective mRNA vaccines.

Our services for mRNA vaccine development

mRNA vaccine manufacturing

Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines consist of one or more nucleic acids that encode single or multiple vaccine antigen candidates, directly transported into the host cell via a combination of customized delivery vectors. To date, two forms of mRNA vaccine have been developed, including conventional mRNA vaccines and self-amplify mRNA vaccines. We can provide the following mRNA vaccines to meet our customers' specific applications. Our mRNA vaccine manufacturing platform is novel, highly flexible, scalable, and cost-effective.

The classification of mRNA vaccines.

Adjuvant development service

As an additive to vaccines, adjuvants can elicit the potency of immune responses while allowing lower vaccine doses and reduced shot frequency. The ideal adjuvants can boost the immune response and enable the body to obtain the best protective immunity. With professional accumulation working on adjuvants, our excellent team of scientists can support unique adjuvant research, we support unique adjuvant research to the development of improved mRNA vaccines for different disease targets, including addition of conventional adjuvants and exploration of novel approach.

Adjuvant development service

mRNA vaccine quality control

The mRNA quality is critical and should be under strict monitoring during vaccine development. To accelerate the development of mRNA vaccine, we provide comprehensive and customer-orientated testing services for mRNA vaccine quality control based on WHO's requirements and guidelines for gene therapy products. Our services include a wide range of evaluation for mRNA characterization, potency testing, and safety and toxicity testing.

mRNA vaccine quality control service

With the rapid development of mRNA vaccine, Creative Biogene is your professional and reliable partner. We can help you make great progress in the development of mRNA vaccine. As one of the leading service providers in the field of mRNA-based drug R&D, we continuously challenge ourselves and strive to offer our customers the finest service. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more information!


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