Custom mRNA Synthesis Platform

mRNA's performance greatly depends on the design of the sequence and the quality of the synthesis. As a leading custom provider in the mRNA-based drugs R&D service, Creative Biogene has developed a platform to customize highly modified pharmaceutical mRNAs based on an efficient in vitro transcription methodology and state-of-the-art facilities. We have the capability to produce high-quality mRNAs from milligrams to multi-grams in scales, and a few hundred nucleotides to more than 10 kilobases in length. We focus our attention on service quality, speed, and customers' project needs and budget.

Our mRNA production platform

The workflow of mRNA production

Our platform's objective is to reduce the manufacturing costs of pharmaceutical mRNAs for vaccine development and other therapeutic applications. To ensure purity, homogeneity, and orientation of mRNA, we have developed a batch-fed transcription system that monitors and adjusts the relevant components of the reaction. After in vitro transcription, we also offer a series of purification options. In addition, we can provide a variety of mRNA quality control (QC) services using high-end technologies to detect and evaluate synthetic mRNA. Notably, to achieve quality monitoring from the sources, we also provide linearized plasmid DNA, FDA-compliant enzymes and reagents as well as the core raw materials for capping, tailing and sequence optimization. We are committed to supplying our global customers with scalable, raw material, controlled processes, and customized mRNA manufacturing services.

Benefits of our custom mRNA synthesis platform

Rapid and accurate mRNA design

We leverage our extensive experience to quickly conduct combinatorial designs according to our clients' desired applications. Based on the best algorithm for predicting mRNA structure and robust design software, our team of experts can design an optimized mRNA sequence according to the target protein and further optimized using our proprietary bioinformatics algorithms.

High efficiency of 5'capping

With constant exploration and improved technology, we can efficiently generate high-quality mRNA 5' cap structure and high yields of capped mRNA. There are two mRNA capping options, including post-transcriptional mRNA capping and co-transcriptional mRNA capping.

Custom mRNA synthesis

We supply full services for custom mRNA synthesis, including research-grade or GMP-grade mRNA according to our customers' research goals.

High purity of mRNA

With years of experience in mRNA synthesis and purification technology, we have developed robust and cost-effective protocols to purify mRNA and obtain efficient and high-quality synthetic mRNAs. We offer high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) and magnetic beads technology. We believe that our service will make your project achieve twice the result with half the effort.

With technical support, manufacturing capacity, and quality systems, Creative Biogene is your professional and capable partner in the field of mRNA synthesis. To initiate or advance your project, please feel free to contact us or directly send us an inquiry.

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