mRNA Purification Using Magnetic Beads Technology


The growing field of mRNA-based drug development requires the generation of variably scaled and highly pure mRNAs for different applications, such as personalized and prophylactic vaccines. Creative Biogene aims to produce highly pure IVT mRNAs to satisfy different clients' specific applications. We can provide magnetic beads technology-based mRNA purification service. In contrast to other purification methods, this method is fast, consistently reliable, and efficient in the purification of molecules, thereby has been widely used in RNA purification.

Magnetic beads technology

Magnetic beads are made up of tiny (20 to 30 nm) particles of iron oxides, which give them superparamagnetic properties. In 1998, Sinclair reported the biological application of magnetic beads for isolation and purification. However, the establishment of this application field took years since then. Now the magnetic beads have been developed and selected for the best performance in a broad variety of applications, including bioscience and life science research, diagnostics, therapeutics and so on. In particular, since each type of bead (according to different surface coatings and chemistries) owns its binding properties, the method can be utilized to separate and purify targets in samples in a highly efficient and specific manner, involving nucleic acids, proteins, cells and other molecules. Automated processing is quick and highly reproducible. This technology removes the need for columns or centrifugation, requiring fewer steps and reagents.

TEM (a) and SEM (b) micrographs of magnetic nanoparticles-coated polystyrene beads.TEM (a) and SEM (b) micrographs of magnetic nanoparticles-coated polystyrene beads. (Philippova, O. et al. 2011)

Features and benefits of magnetic beads technology

  • Nano-scale particles
  • Column-free system
  • High binding specificity
  • Physical mRNA capture on mobile magnetic beads
  • Fast, efficient and gentle separation procedures

IVT mRNA purification using magnetic beads

Many types of magnetic beads are available. We choose Oligo(dT)-coated magnetic beads for IVT mRNA purification. This fast, efficient, and gentle purification procedure is based on the beads' high colloidal stability and the ability to hybridize with mRNA poly-A tails. Under optimized conditions, mRNA selectively binds to the surface of magnetic beads, while other contaminants stay in in vitro transcription reaction solution.

The workflow of mRNA purification using magnetic beads

IVT mRNA purification using magnetic beads

Advantage of our service in Creative Biogene

  • High yield and high purity
  • Fast delivery at most competitive prices
  • Flexible, directly scalable purification for different applications

To meet the particular needs of global customers, Creative Biogene provides the high-purity and high-yield IVT mRNA based on advanced and robust technology platforms. We believe that our service will make your project achieve twice the result with half the effort. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any demands for IVT mRNA purification.


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