Reporter Gene mRNA

Reporter Gene mRNA

The reporter gene is a foreign coding region connected with the promoter sequence or element in the expression vector. The expression vector is introduced into the cell to provide a means for measuring the promoter activity. Once expressed in cells, the reporter protein can be determined by directly measuring the reporter protein itself or evaluating its enzyme activity and correlating the strength of the fusion promoter element with the amount of the report protein produced. The ideal reporter gene is not endogenous expressed in the cells of interest, and is easy to conduct sensitive, quantitative, rapid, easy, accurate, repeatable and safe detection. Reporter gene analysis was initially developed as a powerful tool for studying traditional promoters and enhancers. Because of its ease of use, further report constructs are used to study the functions of other key sequence elements, including those that affect RNA stability, IRES elements, translation, and others. In conclusion, reporter genes and their related detection methods have made great contributions to the study of eukaryotic gene expression and regulation.

Creative Biogene provides pre-designed and stored reporter genes for tracking transfection efficiency and expression duration in cultured cells. These mRNA are similar to fully processed, capped, and polyadenylated mRNA and are ready for ribosome translation. These reporter gene mRNA were unmodified or modified with 5-methoxyuridine to reduce the innate immune response. Please browse our products to find what you're looking for.

Reporter Gene mRNA (5moU)

Cat# Product Name Concentration/Size Inquiry
MRM-032 mRNA Tomato (5moU) 20 µg Inquiry
MRM-033 mRNA Tomato (5moU) 100 µg Inquiry
MRM-034 mRNA Tomato (5moU) 1mg Inquiry
MRM-035 mRNA GFP (5moU)  20 µg Inquiry
MRM-036 mRNA GFP (5moU)  100 µg Inquiry
MRM-037 mRNA GFP (5moU)  1mg Inquiry
MRM-038 mRNA F-Luc (5moU) 20 µg Inquiry
MRM-039 mRNA F-Luc (5moU) 100 µg Inquiry
MRM-040 mRNA F-Luc (5moU) 1mg Inquiry
MRM-041 mRNA mCherry (5moU) 20 µg Inquiry
MRM-042 mRNA mCherry (5moU) 100 µg Inquiry
MRM-043 mRNA mCherry (5moU) 1mg Inquiry
MRM-044 mRNA beta gal (5moU)  20 µg Inquiry
MRM-045 mRNA beta gal (5moU)  100 µg Inquiry
MRM-046 mRNA beta gal (5moU)  1mg Inquiry
MRM-047 mRNA R-Luc (5moU) 20 µg Inquiry
MRM-048 mRNA R-Luc (5moU) 100 µg Inquiry
MRM-049 mRNA R-Luc (5moU) 1mg Inquiry

Reporter Gene mRNA unmodified

Cat# Product Name Concentration/Size Inquiry
MRM-050 Tomato mRNA 20 µg Inquiry
MRM-051 Tomato mRNA 100 µg Inquiry
MRM-052 Tomato mRNA 1mg Inquiry
MRM-053 mRNA GFP 20 µg Inquiry
MRM-054 mRNA GFP 100 µg Inquiry
MRM-055 mRNA GFP 1mg Inquiry
MRM-056 F-Luc mRNA 20 µg Inquiry
MRM-057 F-Luc mRNA 100 µg Inquiry
MRM-058 F-Luc mRNA 1mg Inquiry
MRM-059 mCherry mRNA 20 µg Inquiry
MRM-060 mCherry mRNA 100 µg Inquiry
MRM-061 mCherry mRNA 1mg Inquiry
MRM-062 mRNA B-Gal 20 µg Inquiry
MRM-063 mRNA B-Gal 100 µg Inquiry
MRM-064 mRNA B-Gal 1mg Inquiry
MRM-065 R-Luc mRNA 20 µg Inquiry
MRM-066 R-Luc mRNA 100 µg Inquiry
MRM-067 R-Luc mRNA 1mg Inquiry
For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.
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