Based on completely synthetic manufacturing processes, mRNA vaccine can be developed and produced in a relatively short time. The novel vaccine platform is characteristic of versatile, scalable, and amenable to multiple targets, therefore desirable for treatment of a wide variety of human diseases, including infectious disease, cancers, and genetic disorders and among others. With years of extensive experience in mRNA technologies and advanced international platforms, Creative Biogene is a dedicated provider in the field of mRNA-based drug R&D service. We focus on mRNA-based drug research and development, especially in mRNA vaccine development. Our services are comprised of four major modules, both individual service modules and full-service packages are available. We are committed to providing inventive services according to our customer's research goals.

mRNA vaccines fulfil many aspects of an ideal clinical vaccine. The core principle behind mRNA vaccines is to deliver the transcript of interest, encoding one or more immunogens, into the cytoplasm of host cell, where the desired protein expression, secreted or intracellularly located. mRNA vaccines show great potential and offer many advantages over conventional vaccines. The growing preclinical and clinical results have demonstrated that mRNA vaccines are safe and tolerated in animal models and humans, bringing promises of serious diseases.

Advantages of mRNA-based technology

  • Expression of a wide range of proteins: such as natural protein, antibody, virus protein, and among others, to break the existing patents and the limitations of virus strains.
  • High efficiency: Multiple modifications make the mRNA more stable and more easily translatable.
  • High safety: Because the mRNA vaccine is a non-infectious and non-integrated platform technology, there is no potential risk of infection or insertion of mutations. Besides, mRNA can be degraded by normal cells, and the half-life can be adjusted by modification.
  • Mass production and low cost: mRNA vaccines are amenable to rapid, inexpensive and scalable good manufacturing practice (GMP) production, largely due to the high efficiency of IVT mRNA production in vitro.

Service offering in Creative Biogene

Creative Biogene is professional and reliable partner of our global customers. We continuously challenge ourselves and strive to offer our customers the finest service in the field of mRNA-based drug research and development. To improve your research outcomes and the speed of success, please feel free to contact us to discuss your projects.

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