Polymeric Nanoparticles (PNPs)

During the past decades, polymer nanoparticles (PNPs) have received much attention and have been widely used as vehicles for controlled drug delivery. PNPs' excellent properties fit well with those required for drug delivery. Based on the features of encapsulated drugs, polymeric nanoparticles can be designed and optimized, reducing side effects of the drug, maintaining the stability of the compound as well as overcoming solubility limitation. Encapsulated in the nanoparticle, the drug's activity can be increased, and its release can be controlled. Creative Biogene is a leading mRNA delivery vector service provider. With years of extensive experience, we are dedicated to offering optimal mRNA delivery vehicles for our clients' specific applications. We also provide polymeric nanoparticles for mRNA delivery, especially in vaccine applications.

Polymeric nanoparticles

Although polymers are not as clinically advanced as lipid systems for mRNA delivery, the materials have shown considerable potential in mRNA therapeutics that related to protein replacement, vaccines and other applications. In contrast to lipid systems, polymer-based systems are more cost-effective and easier to up-scale the production with their long stability profiles. PNPs are colloidal particles with a size range of 10-1000 nm, synthesized of either synthetic or natural polymers. Due to intrinsic biocompatibility and biodegradability, the carriers offer a wide scope in drug delivery and can potentially reabsorb in the body. By consisting of manipulatable materials, PNPs can be provided with spherical, branched or core-shell structures. Furthermore, it has been reported that polymeric nanoparticles have been used to generate antigen-specific immunity for vaccine applications. For example, a dendrimer-based nanoparticle system has been developed to deliver self-amplifying mRNA.

Flexible and reproducible PNPs manufacturing

Based on advanced microfluidic technology, we can rapidly produce homogeneous PNPs under consistent conditions. The speed and ratio of the production system can be controlled and optimized by computer software. To obtain PNPs with the desired properties for a particular application, choosing the most suitable method is crucial. Depending on state-of-the art chemical biology facilities and years of combined experience in providing mRNA delivery vehicles, our PNP production procedure is flexible, reproducible, and quality guaranteed. To ensure that customers receive the desired particles, we also provide experiment reports on the size and morphology of PNPs, the surface properties, stability, and mRNA-PNPs interactions.

Our Advantages

  • Controlling particle size via advanced instrument parameters
  • Flexible and reproducible PNPs manufacturing process
  • Optimized PNPs for downstream experiments

Creative Biogene is passionate about strong customer orientation and high-quality service. We continuously challenge ourselves to stay ahead and remain one of the leading mRNA delivery service providers worldwide. Want to get more information about our services? Please don't hesitate to contact us or directly send us an inquiry.


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