Co-delivery of mRNA Vaccines

Creative Biogene provides mRNA-based drug R&D services to the worldwide customers. We continuously challenge ourselves to remain one of the leading service providers in this field. Based on a team of professional scientists and advanced instruments, we offer a series of efficient integrated solutions to facilitate and accelerate our customers' mRNA vaccine development. As more research focuses on mRNA vaccine R&D, the co-delivery of multiple mRNAs becomes a trend and a promising vaccination strategy. We are committed to offering related services around the co-delivery of mRNA vaccines. However, it is full of challenges to express the appropriate antigens, referring to multiple combinatorial optimizations of mRNA combinatorial options, formulation methods, delivery materials as well as administration routes.

Co-delivery of mRNA vaccines

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More development has been focused on mRNA vaccines. One promising strategy is the co-delivery of multiple mRNAs that enables us to induce synergic effects in vaccination. There are many co-delivery mRNA combinatorial options, including the combination of different conventional mRNAs, different self-amplifying mRNAs as well as the combination of conventional and self-amplifying mRNAs. Moreover, these mRNAs can be delivered in formulated or naked forms, using different administration routes at different times. The co-delivery of multiple mRNAs is a trend in mRNA vaccine development and can be utilized and extended for different functions.

Application of co-delivery of mRNA vaccines

  • Assembly of protein complexes
  • Generation of multivalent mRNA vaccines
  • Enhanced immune response aiming at one specific target

Our mRNA vaccine co-delivery service

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Relying on our flexible and reliable conventional mRNA vaccine and self-amplifying mRNA vaccine platform, we can design, produce, and evaluate co-delivery of mRNA vaccines. We have put much effort into choosing delivery materials, the specific ratio of formulation components, and optimal administration routes, providing integrated and robust solutions. Our service is flexible and continuously optimized according to our clients' specific applications. Our customers can contact our scientists directly for questions and learn about their project's progress at any time.

Creative Biogene is passionate about strong customer orientation and high-quality service. If you have any needs for co-delivery of mRNA vaccines, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!


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