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Recently, messenger RNA (mRNA) as a new drug entity, has received increasing attention. Since mRNA directly expresses protein in the cytoplasm without having to be transported into the nucleus. mRNA-based therapeutics are safer and more effective in contrast to DNA-based gene therapeutics. As a consequence, mRNA therapeutics are widely used in a broad range of medical applications as promising alternatives to gene and protein replacement therapies. Creative Biogene is your reliable partner in mRNA research. With years of experience in this area, we are proud to provide a full range of mRNA analysis services, including mRNA quality and stability analysis, but not limited to them. Based on a professionally trained team and advanced techniques, we are devoted to offering high-quality service and achieving the best outcome for our customers from all over the world.

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mRNA Quality Control

mRNA Quality Control

The quality control (QC) testing is essential to determine the performance of mRNA. To support mRNA-based drug research and development, ensuring safe and efficacious production of it, we have successfully launched a mRNA QC platform with high-end technologies to detect and evaluate the synthetic mRNA, including the using of automatic nucleic acid fragment analyzer, HPLC, LC-Mass and among others. We have been exploring new analytical and testing methods for determination of mRNA QC at the same time. In addition, we also offer standard and customized QC testing services.

mRNA stability measurement and analysis

mRNA stability is the major control point in gene expression regulation. Changes in mRNA stability are intimately related to alterations in gene expression regulation. For envisaged medical applications, mRNA stability is a vital parameter because it determines the specific implementation of mRNA therapy, such as the dosing and interval of administration. With years of experience in this area, we have developed a well-established platform for mRNA stability analysis. Our specific service includes:

  • mRNA stability analysis using single-cell micro-arrays
  • mRNA stability analysis using high-throughput sequencing
  • mRNA stability analysis using actinomycin D assay

Features of our service include

  • An optimized and well-established platform.
  • Professional technical support. Dedicated Ph.D.-level support at every step.
  • One-stop solutions.
  • Ready to start your project once the contract is signed.

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