FPLC Purification of IVT mRNA

The importance of the reaction mixture's stringent purification was recognized when modified nucleotides were introduced to minimize immune stimulation of in vitro-transcribed (IVT) mRNA. With increased attention focusing on mRNA purification, more demands begin to call for new methodologies for faster and more effective IVT mRNA purification. Fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) is modern liquid chromatography with a principle similar to HPLC. FPLC can maintain the fast and high-resolution characteristics of HPLC and has a large column capacity, high recovery efficiency, and can easily activate biological macromolecules.

Creative Biogene is committed to satisfying clients' requirements for high-quality mRNAs. Besides the HPLC purification service, we also offer fast performance and high-resolution FPLC purification services to better serve our customers worldwide.

Fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC)

Fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC), also known as medium-pressure chromatography, was first introduced in 1982 by Pharmacia. As a form of medium-pressure chromatography, the FPLC method uses a pump to control the speed at which the mobile phase passes through the stationary phase. FPLC is characterized as rapid purification and high-resolution. A previous study demonstrated that FPLC could obtain milligrams of pure RNA in a single day. Other than RNA purification, FPLC can be used in RNA structural research due to its high-resolution separation of RNA oligonucleotides of variable sizes via the appropriate size-exclusion columns.

Fast protein liquid chromatographyPurification of RNA by size-exclusion chromatography. (Kim, I., et al.2007)

Features and benefits

  • Efficient and scalable purification
  • High-resolution
  • Large column capacity
  • High recovery efficiency

Service offering

FPLC purification of IVT mRNA service in Creative Biogene

We offer a stringent IVT mRNA purification protocol using the FPLC system. Based on the advanced platform, the purification process is highly automated. We can simply and effectively yield highly pure mRNA with minimized contamination.

FPLC purification of IVT mRNA service in Creative Biogene

Analysis of RNA

Besides the FPLC purification service, we also offer multiple complementary services to ensure customers obtain high-quality IVT mRNA. The service contains RNA translation, RNA immunogenicity analyses as well as dsRNA dot blot. Since dsRNA, a major contaminant in IVT mRNA synthetic reaction system, can activate RNA sensors that inhibit protein translation directly or indirectly. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the contaminant after purification.

To meet the particular needs of global customers, Creative Biogene provides the high-purity and high-yield IVT mRNA based on advanced and robust technology platforms. We believe that our service will make your project achieve twice the result with half the effort. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any demands for IVT mRNA purification.


  1. Kim, I., et al. (2007). "Rapid purification of RNAs using fast performance liquid chromatography (FPLC)." Rna, 13(2), 289-294.
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