Emerging Infectious Disease Response Platform

At present, the whole world is facing a significant public health threat due to the emerging and reemerging infectious diseases. The increased global population, increased global travel, climate change and other factors, greatly expedite the emergence, evolution, and spread of pathogens. Despite these emerging infectious diseases bringing significant risk to worldwide health and the economy, no proactive approaches can be used to control them. Creative Biogene is a leading provider in the field of mRNA-based drug R&D service. Based on extensive experience in mRNA-based drugs and advanced technologies, we have developed an emerging infectious disease response platform, involving mRNA vaccine development and mRNA-expressed antibody engineering. Our platform has been utilized to generate mRNA vaccine against coronavirus and holds the potential to cope with other emerging infectious diseases.

Proactive approaches to coping with infectious diseases

mRNA vaccines show great potential and offer many advantages over conventional vaccines. Since the platform of synthetic mRNA is based on a module to deliver a synthetic gene that encodes nanoparticles containing immunogens, the major advantage of the platform is universal, adapting a new target disease with minimal changes in chemistry, manufacturing, as well as quality controls. Thus, depending on mRNA technologies and a streamlined regulatory process, mRNA vaccine development can focus on the safety and potency of the transcript of interest, available to cope with multiple pathogens.

In addition, antibodies have been developed as frontline therapeutics and are widely used for infectious diseases. To rapidly respond to new pathogens, antibodies are a good option, since the development and antibody licensing are faster than conventional vaccines. Besides, a large quantity of potent antibodies can be stockpiled and kept ready to submit, especially for reemerging infectious diseases.

Emerging infectious disease response platform in Creative Biogene

mRNA vaccine development

mRNA vaccine development.

Based on the robust and systematic mRNA vaccine development platform, Creative Biogene has the capability to quickly synthesize mRNAs of multiple different antigen sequences against key targets of pathogens, and obtain effective antigens through screening to develop mRNA vaccines. At present, our mRNA vaccine platform is comprised of three major components, including mRNA vaccine manufacturing, adjuvant development and mRNA vaccine quality control. Our platform is flexible and scalable, allowing rapid use against novel pathogens.

mRNA-expressed antibody engineering

Antibodies against the virus.

mRNA-based therapy holds the potential for the rapid development of antibodies because it can directly deliver the genetic information of the antibody itself. To obtain high-quality mRNA-expressed antibody, we provide strategies to start with immunogenicity modulation and effective mRNA delivery. We focus on the mRNA-expressed antibody used for emerging infections disease, offering a one-stop solution based on the mRNA-expressed antibody to rapidly treat the new pathogen and prevent its transmission.

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