Personalized mRNA Cancer Vaccines

Personalized Cancer mRNA

As one of the major therapeutic areas in which mRNA-based drugs have been applied, cancer immunotherapy has the longest history of being explored. This therapeutic area is based on the induction of a host anti-tumor immune response to recognize and kill tumor cells. Since mRNA-based technology is characterized by robustness, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, the personalization of cancer immunotherapy can benefit from it. Personalized cancer mRNA vaccines are an emerging treatment option. As a professional and reliable partner in the field of mRNA-based drug R&D, Creative Biogene is proud to provide a one-stop service for the development of personalized cancer mRNA vaccines according to the specific needs of our global customers.

mRNA-based personalized cancer vaccines

Since cancer cells can mutate in different patients, the concept of personalized cancer immunotherapy has been proposed. To date, individualized cancer vaccines have been conducted in clinical testing with predominantly early exploration of DNA, mRNA or peptide-based targeting strategies. Personalized mRNA cancer vaccines are a promising treatment strategy that develops mRNA vaccines based on a patient's own cancer cells and for ultimate goals to direct the immune system to identify and destroy cancer. The therapeutic strategy mainly benefits from the development of next generation sequencing and mRNA-based technologies. With the dramatic progress of sequencing instrument design and efficiency, it is possible to perform a systematic analysis of the mutational landscape in various cancer types at a low cost. And a personalized IVT mRNA vaccine can be constructed according to the individual immunogenic mutations and unique characteristics of the patient’s immune system.

Personalized mRNA cancer vaccines service in Creative Biogene

Target Identification and selection service

To develop personalized cancer vaccine strategies targeting neoantigens, we have established a comprehensive and systematic workflow for the accurate identification and selection of individual immunogenic mutations in individual cancers. Based on specialized laboratories equipped with automated instruments and strict experimental operation specifications, we can deal with different types of tumor samples. Besides, combining the next-generation sequencing platform, bioinformatics, and optimal computational approach, we can determine the mutations that drive the disease using our customers' samples. Our scientists are experts in the field of genomics and proteomics. The target identification and evaluation in platform has been proven to be reliable, accurate and effective in several tumor models. 

mRNA vaccine manufacturing

Based on the years of experience in the field of mRNA vaccine and our state of the art manufacturing facility, we can promote the production and efficiency of mRNA vaccines early in the development process, providing safe and effective mRNA vaccines. We are committed to offering integrated and inventive services, including manufacturing different categories of mRNA vaccines, adjuvant development service, and a series of mRNA vaccine quality control services. According to our detailed map of the cancer mutanome, we can build a high-quality mRNA cancer vaccine targeting patient-specific neoantigens in a flexible and scalable manner.

Creative Biogene is a leading provider in the field of mRNA R&D service. We continuously challenge ourselves and strive to offer our customers the finest service. To improve research outcomes and the speed of success, please feel free to contact us or directly send us an inquiry.


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