Tomato mRNA

Cat.No. MRM-052

Description These mRNAs are produced by in vitro transcription and stabilized at the 5’ end by modified nucleotides capping (Cap1). These mature mRNA contain a poly(A) tail at the 5’ end and are also optimized to yield improved stability and performance.
Size 1mg
Benefits Protein expression directly in cytoplasm without nuclear uptake; faster protein expression than DNA transfection; no genome integration; protein expression directly related to mRNA amount; ideal for transfecting slow or non-dividing cells; The protein is expressed by means of a promoter.
Storage Conditions -80°C
Applications Tomato mRNA has been designed to produce high expression level of Orange Fluorescent Protein. The detection can be done by fluorescent or confocal microscopy. The produced Tomato has an excitation maximum at 551-557 nm and emission maximum at 579-583 nm. Tomato expression level can also be monitored by fluorescence-activated cell sorter analysis (FACS).
For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.
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