mRNA Purification Kit

Cat.No. MRM-031

Description This product is designed for rapid isolation of highly purified and intact mRNA from total RNA. The isolation protocol relies on base-pairing between the poly A residues at the 3’ end of most mRNA, and the oligo (dT)25 residues covalently coupled to the surface of the Dynabeads™ magnetic beads. Other RNA species lacking a poly A tail will not hybridize to the beads and are readily washed away. 1 mg of beads (~200 μL) will isolate up to 2 μg of mRNA, depending on the sample. A typical mammalian cell contains about 10–30 pg of total RNA, of which 1–5% is mRNA.
Size 2mL
Storage Conditions 4°C
Content The mRNA purification kit contains magnetic beads for isolating mRNA transcriptome from any total eukaryotic RNA preparation solution. The magnetic bead is uniform in size and highly movable in solution. This allows the bead capture surface to interact rapidly and continuously with the entire total RNA sample during the mRNA capture phase. Ribosomal RNA and small RNA molecules (transport RNA, microRNA, small nucleolar RNA, and small cytoplasmic RNA) do not bind to the beads, so they are discarded. Capture only polyadenylated RNA (mRNA) for cleaner and more sensitive results. Pure mRNA can be isolated in about 15 minutes and can be used for downstream applications at any time.
Benefits Pure mRNA is usually obtained within 15 minutes, transcriptome is efficiently recovered and enriched, and mRNA suitable for almost every downstream application is prepared
For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.
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